An Interview with Jody Petersen


Getting to Know you and your garden…..

Jody Petersen shown above with Harvey

1. What was you biggest success in the garden?

Quimby Quail, a 30 inch tall topiary, is the success that comes to mind. He sat on my mother’s front porch and survived 50 plus years. He experienced “cardiac arrest” SEVERAL times but was revived with new soil, root trimming and replanting in same-size pot. Topiaries can survive a long time with such care!

  1. What was your biggest lesson?

Sometimes you have to radically trim a plant in order for it to thrive and refurbish itself. Untrimmed plants get leggy and scrawny and overly tall. They are not healthy. Owners may find this difficult but be brave and learn to cut back.

  1. What tool could you not live without?

It is one that belonged to my father, the ultimate gardener. The tool is a type of cultivator; long-handled with a single metal hook on the end. I have not seen it in any store or catalog.

  1. From your home, what is your favorite garden view?

The view from my kitchen slider is one of roses in the background, a gurgling bird bath and green and white flowers. They include foxglove, pentas, angelonia and ajuga. The angelonia is amazing and comes in many colors.

As told to our President, Caroline Meade.